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How to do when the controlling distance of the remote controller is shorter than before?

    1.The cause of the controlling distance of the remote controller becoming shorter normally is the voltage of the batteries is lower. Replace them with a pair of new ones.
    2.Internal components becoming aged may be another cause of the problem mentioned above. If the controlling distance does not resume normal after replacing with new batteries, send the remote controller to the repair department of the household electrical appliance to repair, or replace it with a new one.

Couldn’t your remote controller control your household electrical appliance?

    1.Set your remote controller in the way specified in the operation instruction manual.  
    2.Turn on the power of your electrical equipment.
    3.This remote controller can be used only when your household electrical appliance has the function of receiving, or its receiving function works normally.
    4.Aim the remote controller just at the household electrical appliance to be controlled and there is not any obstruct between the remote controller and the household electrical appliance.
    5.Check if the remote controller is equipped with batteries or if the batteries are fully charged, and if the batteries’ polarity installed correctly.

How to understand “Universal remote controller of household electrical appliance”?

    1.Universal remote controller means that a chip of common remote controlling function of several hundreds of household electrical appliances is stored in one remote controller, through whose setting various household electrical appliances with infrared remote controlling function can be controlled.

How to correctly use and maintain the remote controller?

    1.Never use or store your remote controller in a place with moisture and high temperature, or the internal components of the remote controller may be damaged or their aging is speeded up plus the casing deformation.
    2.When the casing (surface) is dirty, never use organic cleaning agents such as banana oil and gasoline as they are corrosive to the casing of the remote controller.
    3.Never open the case when the remote controller fails, instead, send it to the repair department of household electrical appliance to check and repair by the professional personnel.
    4.Avoid the remote controller from strong vibration or falling down from a high place. Take out the batteries when the remote controller is not used for a long time.

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